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BookCrossing Day 2015: Supplies have arrived

Bookczuk designed it, you voted for it, so we ordered it! The lovely new bookplates for International BookCrossing Day are here. And they turned out great!

As of today, they're ready and willing to come to your house and spruce up your special BookCrossing Day releases. But don't wait too long to order, especially if you live outside of the EU: we'll stop taking orders for them before the end of March. And it's smart to think ahead and order earlier than that, so we'll have the time to get your order ready and shipped to you in time for April 21.

If you prefer a more colourful style, last year's edition is also available again. We have bookplates in all of 13 languages, we have stickers and sets. So don't miss out on International BookCrossing Day*, and order your supplies soon!

*) It's easy to participate... all you need to do is release one or more books on April 21, and you're in.

Featured Products

Slim Stickers

Small sized stickers that pack a punch Slim Stickers

Round Stickers, 2015 edition

For International BookCrossing Day Round Stickers, 2015 edition

BookCrossing Wings

BookCrossing with Wings, Bells, and Whistles BookCrossing Wings

Good to know:

Information about shipping and payment can be found here.

Don't forget:

Ordering supplies for a value of $ 30 or more will earn you a free month of Wings.

And finally:

BookCrossing thanks you for your support! We could never do this if it weren't for you.

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